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Northern California Recreation Lakes

Summer is coming and itís time to take your yearly RV trip. This year you decided to change it up a little bit and bring your boat with you. This game changer will now limit your trips to lakes and streams. So where are some good places that you can put your boat in the water?

First of all, we need to think about what are you going to be doing in the water? At first that sounds like a stupid question, but there is reason to it. Are you going to do some normal fishing, bass fishing, waterskiing, boat surfing, partying, or even some other things I havenít even mentioned.

NorCal Lakes

So youíve thought about what you are going to do, you have your boat and your ready to go. But where? These are a couple of the larger lakes in Northern California;

  • Clear Lake: Clear Lake is the largest natural lake in California. This lake holds a wide variety of places that you can go and things that you can do. There are various bed and breakfast places that can be a romantic getaway for the special someone. Many campgrounds and RV grounds are here to make sure that you can a place to stay for the night. There is even a 18 hole golf course that you can easily visit for the day.

    This lake has many animals if you are into watching nature. Various types of birds as well as small mammals flock to this lake. The different types of fish that are here make it a great place to fish as well.

  • Shasta Lake: Shasta Lake is the biggest reservoir in Northern California. Because of how big it is and how itís formed, there is a massive range of things that you can do. But, some of the most common are fishing and using houseboats. The diversity of fish in Shasta Lake makes it in the top 5 of greatest fishing lake in California.

    Shasta Lake has all sorts of little nooks where you can camp out if you want to get out of your RV for a few days. There are also all sorts of wildlife that you can see, anything from bears to bald eagles. Many osprey and different types of hawks patrol the area as well. The variety of fish can be quite astounding due to the fact that the lake is so deep that there are both cold water and warm water ecosystems.

When you are taking your RV trip this year, think of all of the places where you can put your boat in the water. So whether you are going to fish, party or just chill, let Northern California be your destination RV vacation.


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