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Northern Ca. River Fishing, Upper Sacramento River

It's the time of the year when the sun is shining and the fish are biting. As you take time to become enthralled in the view of the Upper Sacramento River as it flows downstream from Box Canyon Dam to Lake Shasta, there is little reason to doubt its reputation as one of the premier wild trout streams in California. The trees that sit along the bank of the Upper Sacramento River as it flows under the Mt. Shasta captures not only its beauty, but provides easy access to quality river fishing for the avid angler.

Fishing Sacramento River

Originally only the lower 14 miles of the Upper Sacramento River were open for catch-and-release wild trout fishing, but since 1994, the entire river is open to the catch-and-release fishing except for a six mile area around the town of Dunsmuir. Even for the non-angler, the river is a remarkable sight with the abundance of rainbow trout and scattering of brown trout that are there for your fishing pleasure. The wild trout fishing is tremendous and gives fly anglers some challenges in both nymph fishing and outstanding hatches.

One of the best River Fishing areas

As additional added beauty and significance, the Upper Sacramento River flows within the boundaries of the Shasta-Trinity national Forest and has a reputation as one of the best "fisheries" of the West. One would think that the Upper Sacramento River would be an area of abundant fishing with its 40 miles of water consisting of over fifteen freeway exits in addition to railroad tracks that run alongside the entire length of the river, but strangely enough, even a ten minute walk along any section of the railroad tracks will allow you to venture upon fishing areas that remain untouched for most of the year.

Fly River Fishing

The Upper Sacramento River has a variety of ripples, runs, pocket water, small holes, huge pools and undercuts that make it an excellent candidate for freestone fishing. It is fishing in perfection with its opportunities that allow anglers to fish dry flies, several types of nymphing techniques, and even streamers all in one's day's fishing. The Upper Sacramento River is the trout angler's delight, where rainbows dominate the rippling waters of the river where they live healthy, wild and native. Don't expect them to come willing, either; they are packed full of fight and can be seen bounding quickly into the air at the first prick of a fly in their lip.

Though you might think of visiting to enjoy the sound of rippling waves and flowing waters, Upper Sacramento River is usually abounding with water from melting snow until late spring. Although some fishing may be possible during that time, there really is very little focus on fishing until late May or early June. Summer will also show early hatches of yellow and gold stoneflies, a variety of caddis and mayflies, and possibly some March Browns as well.

You might also enjoy a nice wade into the Upper Sacramento River during the hot summer months With the appearance of midge flies in mid summer through the fall, one sees the river as a giant midge fishery. Later one can see the Caddis and blue-winged olives hatch. As the cold winds of winter begin to arrive, anglers still fish the river but with dry flies and nymphs.

Guided Tours

For a different turn of events, if you're interested in guided fishing, The Fly Shop (in Redding) offers guided fishing tours all year for anglers. You will have eight to ten hours of guided fishing that includes lunch where you can fish your heart out for plenty of Rainbow and Brown trout. They use barbless, artificial bait, and there is no limit to the number of fish you are allow to catch. If you're fishing the Upper Sacramento River for the first time, you definitely want to invest in one of these fantastic tours and learn all you can about the area, the fish, and how to attract the most fish.

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