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Shasta Lake California

Adventure is the first word that will come to your mind when you think about this magic land. If you like boat rides, water sports and fishing, all surrounded by a wild natural environment and beautiful sightings, then this is the place for you. Sounds like paradise uh? Prepare to be embraced by the beauty of this amazing reservoir. Welcome to Shasta Lake.

Wake boarding on Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake is located in northern California, ten miles north of the city of Redding, with Lakehead Town at the northern side of the lake. This lake was formed by the damming of the Sacramento, Pit and Mc Cloud rivers and many other smaller tributaries. Surrounded by five hundred kilometers of mountains covered with evergreen trees, the sight is astounding and delightful. The reservoir exists due to the wonderful job done to build the Shasta Dam, a behemoth of pure concrete ranked as one of the great civil engineering wonders of the world, which is definitely worth to visit. The hydroelectric power plant located at the base of the dam provides with electricity to nearby cities and is the fourth largest hydroelectric plant in California.

Shasta Dam

If Shasta Dam is not enough to awake your amusement, you can drive over the road built on the dam face to see Mount Shasta, a dormant volcano filled with exciting caverns ready to be explored by the most adventurous visitors. The size of the lake is simply enormous. In fact, 370 miles of shoreline await your exploration, and donít be surprised if you see some deer or bald eagle in your travels. Be weary of the black bears if you invade their natural habitat. And if you think the place is too much for walking, you can also use a mountain bike, and you will discover trails that are maintained and are accessible even from the boats.

Shasta Lake Water Sports

Swimming in Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake has warm, clear and clean water, excellent for swimming, skiing, wakeboarding and any other water sport activity you may think about. Fish will go along with you all the way while you are in the waters. Equipment for water sports is available for rent at the many stores around the shores.

In the third largest lake in California, boating activities have become very popular. Do you like speed? If your answer is yes, you wonít be disappointed by the ski boat competitions organized in the Shasta Lake. If you see large machines with powerful V8 motors roaring all over the place inspiring an explosion of adrenaline to an entire family, then youíll know youíve arrived to Shasta Lake. Ski boat races are very common in the lake, and you can rent one for half a day, an entire day or for all the week. The lake is plenty of water adventures and maybe youíll never want to go to your bed at night.

If you prefer a more personal experience, personal watercrafts are also available and you can even chose among various models from well known brands. There are also patio boats for the families that want a more relaxing water activity. And if you are the kind of person that likes strenuous water sports, canoes could be the perfect choice for you. And if you are a fishing lover, you can also find special fishing boats waiting for you at the docks, while bass, trout, bluegills and salmons will wait for you in the warm and calm waters of the reservoir. And donít worry if you donít have a fishing license, you can also obtain one at this wonderful place on the many stores around.

Children will be simply amazed at the amount of water sports available to them. Water toys for them are also available for rental at Shasta Lake. You can also find wakeboards and ski tubes that will provide endless hours of fun to your family. Of course boating supplies will be there when you need them, whether you need fuel or oil or even pump out services and nightly moorages.

Shasta Lake Camping

As you can see boating activities are the central pleasures in Shasta Lake, and you should just try them all. Whether you just like to swim or take a watercraft ride, the lake is the perfect place for all these water sports. Donít even think you will ever run out of boating activities at Shasta Lake. And after endless daytime hours of fun and relax with your family at the lake, you will be amazed by the sight of the stars on the sky at night from your RV campspace or. But words wonít ever replace a personal experience. So come and visit this paradise in Northern California and see for yourself one of the most wonderful places for adventure in the world.

Shasta Lake area RV Parks
  • Alamo Motel & Rv Park 3818 Main St 96022 Cottonwood CA 530-347-3827
  • Antlers Rv Park & Campground 20682 Antlers Rd 96051 Lakehead CA 530-238-2322
  • Balls Ferry Fishing Resort 23012 Ash Creek Rd # 20 96007 Anderson CA 530-365-8708
  • Bear Mountain Rv Resorts 14216 Bear Mountain Rd 96003 Redding CA 530-275-4728
  • Deluxe Mobile Park 7725 Happy Valley Rd 96007 Anderson CA 530-246-1265
  • Fawndale Lodge & Rv Resort 15215 Fawndale Rd 96003 Redding CA 530-275-8000
  • Gleasons Shasta Lake Rv 2022 Twin View Blvd 96003 Redding CA 530-247-7591
  • Green Acres Sw Rv Park 4812 Westside Rd 96001 Redding CA 530-223-3780
  • Holiday Harbor 20061 Shasta Caverns Rd 96070 Obrien CA 530-238-2383
  • Jgw Rv Park 6612 Riverland Dr 96002 Redding CA 530-365-7965
  • Lakehead Rv Park & Campground 20999 Antlers Rd 96051 Lakehead CA 530-238-8450
  • Lakeshore Villa Rv Park 20672 Lakeshore Dr 96051 Lakehead CA 530-238-8688
  • Marina Rv Park 2615 Park Marina Dr 96001 Redding CA 530-241-4396
  • Mountain Gate Rv Park 14161 Holiday Rd 96003 Redding CA 530-275-4600
  • Premier Rv Resorts 280 N Boulder Dr 96003 Redding CA 530-246-0101
  • Rancheria Rv Park 15665 Black Angus Ln 96040 Hat Creek CA 530-335-7418
  • Sacramento River Rv Park 6596 Riverland Dr 96002 Redding CA 530-365-6402
  • Shasta Lake Rv Resort & Cmpgrd 20433 Lakeshore Dr 96051 Lakehead CA 530-238-2370
  • Trail In Rv Campground 19765 Gregory Creek Rd 96051 Lakehead CA 530-238-8533
  • Twin View Terrace Rv Park 485 Twin View Blvd 96003 Redding CA 530-243-8114
  • Wonderland Rv Park Loren Brooks 15203 Wonderland Blvd 96003 Redding CA 530-275-1281


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